10 Unique Career Options after 10th/12th

As students pass their 10th and 12th , they are often confused about which career option they should seek for. Nowadays, there are so many options that one can pursue, yet some students do not want to follow the crowd and try to seek unique and distinct options right after they’ve completed their 10th grade and 12th grade. After 10th , while most students seek to continue their schooling, some search for professional courses that lead to a career pathway.

Some of the unique career options after 10 th are as follows:

ITI or Industrial Training Institute courses provided to students who’ve completed class 10th . Later, employments in certain fields like mechanics and electric, are offered.

Paramedical courses are one of the finest options that one can start pursuing right after completing 10th . Courses like Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant (DOA) and Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) are offered.

Short-term job-oriented courses in graphic designing can be opted after 10th , for example, Graphic Master and Graphic Premium.

Another option is pursuing polytechnic courses in varied fields like chemicals, automobile, and computers after finishing class 10 th .

The field of Cosmetology offers Diploma in Beauty Culture for those students who have passed their 10th . This leads to various job opportunities in the field.

Now that we’ve covered unique career pathways for students who’ve completed their 10th , let’s have a look on the distinct career options that are there for students who’ve completed their 12th :

A Bachelor’s degree in any foreign language can lead to the career path of Foreign Language Interpreter. This career pathway has immense job opportunities.

With the growing development in the digital world, animation courses after 12th are gaining popularity. One can become an animator by doing BCA in animation or other related fields.

Those students who had an arts background in 12th can become International Relations Expert by doing a Master’s in International Relations. This profession is high in demand now.

Another unique career option is to become a dietician. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware about their health and hence, becoming a dietician can be a great option. For this, one needs to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition and dietetics.

Amongst the other engineering degrees, a B.Tech. in Food Technology can lead to the career pathway of Food Technologist, which is quite new and trending career nowadays.

Hence, we see, that students can have unique ways to become a professional and thus, societal pressure to follow the mainstream may not be suitable. This blog aims to provide certain awareness about the various unique career options that one can opt for after finishing grades 10 th /12 th .

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