A 15-Year-Old Invented These Period Gummies for Her Severe PMS — So I Tried Them Out

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It’s the new normal: children, particularly Black children, are getting their periods earlier than ever, at ages 10, 9, and even 8. That means dealing with difficult PMS symptoms at a younger age than many might previous generations, worrying about cramps, headaches, and mood swings getting in the way of school and sports. And while there are products and medications that can help, most of them aren’t designed with 8-, 9-, or 10-year-olds in mind. That’s what Cycl. PMS symptom-relief gummies hope to change.

For 15-year-old Australian founder Zoe Leffler and her parents, Ido and Ronit, period relief is personal. Zoë got her first period at age 10 and suffered from “severe PMS symptoms” from the get-go, she recalls. “It always had me sidelined,” Zoe tells SheKnows.

She experienced intense mood swings (“I would send my dad literally [running] for cover”) or excruciating cramps that left her curled up on the floor. A student and multi-sport athlete, Zoe would beg to stay home from school and sports training sessions, ranging from soccer to swimming and rowing. For Ido and Ronit, watching their daughter have to rewrite her life and schedule around her period was “unacceptable,” Ido tells SheKnows.

Typical PMS-relief medications weren’t an option for Zoe, who hated the taste of pills and couldn’t swallow them. “I went to my parents just begging them to find a solution,” Zoe says. “And that’s where the concept of Cycl. came about.” Ido, a veteran of the beauty industry, and Ronit were eager to help their daughter find a good-tasting, chewable solution, so the family worked with nutritionists to develop Cycl. gummies.

How does Cycl. work?

Cycl. is designed to be taken every day of your cycle, not just when you’re on your period, with two gummies per day being the recommended dose. The gummies contain active ingredients like chasteberry extract and Dong Quai, both used in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce mood swings and menstrual pain, respectively. Vitamin B6 is included to help with emotional symptoms, like premenstrual depression, along with lemon balm to reduce anxiety, stress, cramps, and bloating.

A non-negotiable for Zoe was making the gummies taste good, since the lack of taste was one of the things she hated about pills, so their strawberry flavor is a big feature. “They’re like candy,” Zoe says. The gummies include three grams of sugar per serving for the taste, and are worth 20 calories for every pair of gummies.

Review: Does Cycl. work for period pain?

Cycl. sent me a bottle of the gummies to try out, so I can confirm they taste good — like sweet, strawberry fruit chews. Ido described them as a “treat” to have every day, which about summed it up. It might sound like a strange thing to say about supplements, but I actually did look forward to grabbing my two gummies while heading out the door or as an after-dinner snack.

While I did find it a bit difficult to remember to take them every day, I was pretty consistent in the week or so leading up to my period and during my period. I felt some cramps the first couple of days, which is when my period symptoms are usually the worst, but they did feel less intense than usual. It also felt like the gummies impacted how long my cramps lasted; they could usually go off and on for a few hours, but they lasted only about an hour this time.

Due to some traveling, I only took the gummies off and on until my next cycle. But even with the inconsistent use, I felt they worked even better this time. I had only one bad day of cramps, and my cycle felt shorter and lighter overall.

Overall, I’d recommend Cycl. for anyone looking for a tasty tool for cramps and other PMS symptoms. I can also see it as a good option for parents of young menstruators looking for PMS relief that’s sweet and easy to eat — something that actually appeals to and is created with young kids in mind. The brand is also dedicated to a good cause, donating half its profits to SafiCycle to provide period products and education to school-age menstruators in Kenya.

Cycl. is now available (and affordable) at Target for $28 per bottle. If you’re looking for period relief that doesn’t break the bank and is actually enjoyable to take, it’s a good option to try.

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