Brittany Mahomes Revealed How She Prepped For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit With ‘Literally a Week’s Notice’

Brittany Mahomes is no stranger to the spotlight. After all, she’s married to a reigning two-time Super Bowl champion quarterback, friends with the world’s biggest pop star, and co-owner of a sports franchise (the Kansas City Current in the National Women’s Soccer League) — it comes with the territory at this point. But the mom of two hit a new high in May when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated’s 2024 Swimsuit Issue, looking strong and sexy posing while romping on a gorgeous beach in Belize.

“I’m truly just so humbled and still in disbelief,” Mahomes, an SI Swimsuit rookie this year, told the magazine. “As a girl from Tyler, Texas, who only really knew sports, never in a million years did I think I’d be in [the SI Swimsuit Issue]. I’m just so grateful for this opportunity.”

Of course, life moves fast when you’re a busy mom and business owner, and Mahomes recently revealed on Instagram that she had “literally a week’s notice” to get ready for the shoot.” Um, cue the alarm bells? But for the former pro soccer player and trainer, it was no sweat.

“People have asked me a lot what I did in the gym to get ‘Swimsuit Ready,’” Mahomes wrote in the post. “I always preach that staying consistent in the gym and fueling my body well is what helps me be the best version of myself year-round, not just during swimsuit season!”

To that end, she shared a “simple but effective” lower-body workout to try, consisting of single-leg deadlifts, pulse squats, curtsey lunges with a pulse, and banded hip thrusts. They’re all solid, foundational moves that Mahomes intensifies by adding a dumbbell or a booty band. And the good news is, you don’t need to add a ton of weight to feel the burn all through your quads, hamstrings, and glutes — just a few pounds will do, especially if you’re a beginner. Also great for beginners: Mahomes demoes all the moves in a short video.

It’s reminiscent of many of the other workouts Mahomes shares on her page: quick, accessible, and challenging. Though it’s been a hot minute since she’s posted one (pics with Taylor Swift and the kiddos take precedence, we get it), Mahomes is definitely a big fan of leg day circuits with deadlifts and Bulgarian split squats (oh-so good for the glutes), and arm day with her adorable daughter, Sterling.

Mahomes is dedicated to her health, even documenting her fitness journey through both pregnancies and using her workouts to motivate others. “Working out while pregnant, very necessary but very hard,” the then-pregnant mom wrote on Instagram in September 2022. “I’m lucky to get a workout in a few days a week at this point in my life & I’m thankful for any time I can get in the gym! But even if you can’t get into the gym, you can still be active outside & in your everyday life.”

When it comes to SI Swimsuit, then, Mahomes was more than ready to show off her strength in the shoot — even with just a week’s notice. If anything, it’s part of the magazine’s commitment to authenticity. As 2024 cover model Gayle King recalled, SI Swimsuit editor-in-chief MJ Day told her specifically to not “change anything that you’re doing”, diet-wise, after King agreed to the shoot. King even told the magazine that she had a cheeseburger the day before the shoot. “It’s one of my favorite things,” the CBS Mornings host revealed. “But [MJ] said, ‘Gayle, go for it. Do what you normally do.’ And that’s what I did.”

It sounds like it was just as positive of an experience for Mahomes, too, as she shared in an Instagram post before the issue hit stands. She wrote, “I’m so grateful for the amazing team of women who give us this incredible platform to be our truest most authentic selves!”

Need a new workout? Try these no-equipment yoga flows:

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