Brooke Shields’ Fitness Routine Includes This Trendy Workout That Leaves Her ‘Dripping’ With Sweat

Brooke Shields is feeling “more fabulous now than ever,” she told the TODAY Show this morning, and we can see why. The iconic actress is truly thriving in 2024: she stars in Netflix’s Mother of the Bride, just launched her new hair care line, Commence, and recently celebrated her 59th birthday. “I am entering this era of my life with positivity because it is on my terms for the first time really ever,” she explained. Of course, part of that comes down to feeling her best, and Shields is all about working out to stay strong and healthy in this stage of her life.

“The big thing for me is I’m now finding things that I actually really enjoy doing,” Shields told of her workout routine at 59. That’s a change from the days of “just beating myself up in the gym so that I can fit into something,” Shield adds, which she found “demoralizing” and “frustrating.”

Her time in Broadway shows has certainly helped; Shields gets “rock solid and fit and haven’t even realized I’ve done it.” In general, though, she’s noticed that “it’s harder to stay in shape” in her 50s.

Brooke Shields’ workout routine

So how does the star do it? Shields’ current routine includes the Nofar Method of Pilates, which Shields called “really difficult.” As a recent convert to the workout (she “never really liked Pilates before,” she admitted), Shields said she loves that it’s zero-impact and “so specific,” and she leaves class “dripping wet” with sweat. Founded by Pilates instructor and former competitive water polo player Nofar Hagag, the Nofar Method is billed as a “challenging, athletic, and creative exercise system” that utilizes Pilates equipment for cardio, alignment, and total-body burn, according to the brand’s website.

Shields likes to combine Pilates with “cardio of some kind, like a SoulCycle class or a rower with music,” she says. “Do 10 minutes. Even just that, I’ll start to see [results].” Her revamped routine has helped her reduce belly fat, which she started noticing for the first time. “It used to all just be in my butt,” Shields said. “Now, that’s lower, and it’s shifted around. It’s moved to the other neighborhoods.” Shields also says she’s “drinking less” in her effort to stay healthy.

It’s not the first time Shields has opened up about her health and fitness routine. During the pandemic, she regularly shared home workouts on Instagram with personal trainer Ngo Okafur, showcasing routines that targeted her arms, abs, and legs. “You don’t have to deadlift 100 pounds,” she told the TODAY Show in 2020. “You can do small, teeny movements to activate these little muscles that actually wrap around other bigger muscles, and they tighten them all in.”

Staying healthy has been an even greater priority for Shields since she experienced a seizure in September 2023, which she said was due to low levels of sodium in her blood. As the actress told Glamour last year, she’d been drinking so much water to prepare for her one-woman show she ended up “flooding [my] system” and causing her kidneys to “malfunction.”

“I was drinking copious amounts of water out of nerves and fear, like a gallon,” Shields said in the recent interview. Now, she said she’s “pacing” herself with her water intake. “I don’t overload.”

Revamp your workout routine with these free, at-home yoga flows:

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