Can’t Avoid The Narcissist In Your Life? Use These 20+ Phrases To Disarm A Narcissist

Communicating with a narcissist isn’t easy and can often feel like you’re losing. You’ve tried everything but you can’t seem to avoid the narcissist in your life? Disarming a narcissist doesn’t have to be difficult.

Narcissists are master manipulators and that makes it more difficult to predict what their next steps will be. In any case, responding to their accusations and lies can be hard but it doesn’t have to be!

One of the best ways to deal with a narcissistic person is to avoid engaging in their behavior and walking away when possible, however, if you can’t avoid the narcissist in your life, you can use any one of these phrases to shut down a narcissist.

For the next time when you face a narcissist, wouldn’t it be nice to keep some key phrases to disarm a narcissist in your hands?

How To Disarm A Narcissist?

Rule number #1: Don’t ask questions. When you ask a narcissist a question, it can give them a way to bring the blame onto you. It’s always better to use statements instead of questions when dealing with a narcissist.

Narcissists want others to react, they thrive when you go on defensive mode. You can avoid this all by using these benign statements and phrases.

Use statements such as:

1. ‘I agree with you.”

2. ‘This has given me a lot to think about.’

3. ‘I see what you’re talking about.’

4. ‘Your viewpoint is impressive.’

5. ‘Your perspective sure is different.’

Using these above statements doesn’t mean that you’re agreeing with the narcissist. Narcissists will argue but with these statements and phrases, you’re essentially blocking their argument.

Other phrases to say to a narcissist can be:

1. “You have a right to hold your opinion and so do I but I don’t agree with you.”

2. “Let’s agree to disagree.”

3. “Let’s work on this together.”

4. “Give me your advice. How would you handle this situation?”

5. “I hear what you are talking about.”

6. “I am sorry you feel this way.”

7. “I want to tell you how I feel about this.”

8. “I cannot control how you see me.”

9. “I see that you are not taking this well”

10. “Everything is okay.”

11. “What you’re saying has nothing to do with right now.”

12. “Your memory of events varies from mine.”

13. “Your response is heard.”

14. “Thanks for expressing your thoughts; I will take them into consideration.”

15. “Thank you for expressing your view.”

16. “I can work with this, but I draw the line to be insulted or yelled at.”

17. “It would be good if we can maintain a healthy working relationship.”

18. “I’m happy to regard your wishes and I would like the same courtesy from you.”

19. “I know that you’re upset and I’m willing to listen to your thoughts.”

20. “I know you are used to leading and directing things your way. But it’s NOT okay for you to disregard my opinion and my feelings.”

21. “Maybe you’re too upset to talk about this right now. How about we postpone our conversation until you’ve calmed?”

21. “I accept your feelings.”

22. “Your anger is not my fault and I refuse to take the blame for it.”

23. “Looks like you’ve given this a lot of reflection.”

24. “No” (while technically not a phrase, saying no can be a good response and at the same time, can help convey your boundaries)

Writer’s Thoughts

Trust me, one of the best ways to deal with a narcissist (without using the above phrases) is to walk away and avoid engaging in toxic behavior. If you can’t walk away from them -for any reason- you can use the above-mentioned phrases to disarm a narcissist.

If you must engage with a narcissist, then here are some things to keep in mind:

Don’t try to argue what’s wrong or what’s right. A narcissistic person will want you to argue and once you engage in the conversation, they’ll talk in circles until they can manipulate you into agreeing with them.
Don’t expect them to say sorry. A narcissist never accepts their fault. Their ego doesn’t allow them to bow down and apologize. Your goal isn’t to get them to say sorry but it should be to control the situation.
Avoid narcissist rage. A slight provocation might cause them to go into a rage. Keep a lookout for the signs. Some common signs of narcissistic rage include passive-aggressive talk, resentment, sarcasm, personal attacks, blame game, and even abuse. If you feel you or your loved one is in danger, immediately call the nearest emergency number.

To quickly deal with a narcissist, try one of the above phrases to stop the argument before it can go too far. If these phrases to shut down a narcissist don’t help, they’ll prevent adding more fuel to the already raging fire.

I hope these phrases to disarm a narcissist help you deal with the narcissist in your life. If you need help, you can reach out to us at or leave a message on our social media page.

Do you have any phrases to disarm a narcissist? Let me know in the comments below!

Take Care!

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