Did Your Friend Ghost You? 5 Ways to Get Over a Friend Ghosting You

Imagine this; you’re scrolling through your phone, looking at the memories you created with your friend, so you decide to give them a call or shoot them a quick text to catch up, and then… *crickets*. No response. No callbacks. No text backs. Ever happen?

Yes? Well then, my friend, you’ve been ghosted. Yes, ghosting is not just a term that applies to relationships but can be associated with friendships too. I, too, have gone through a similar experience, and let me tell you, being ghosted by a friend hurts more deeply than you might imagine.

Friends are the family you choose; I’ve always lived by this motto and the friends I have in my life know this. They know that I have chosen them and they have chosen me to be a part of each other’s lives. But when – it’s the people who you’ve chosen – who hurt you, what can you do?

In my blog today, I’m diving into this experience; the experience when a friend ghosts you; what it looks like, and how to move on when a friend ghosts you.

Before we begin, here’s a little definition of what it means to be ghosted…

What is Ghosting?

Ghosting is not something that happens in romantic relationships. It’s a term that can be associated with friendships and platonic relationships as well. Ghosting, if I define it loosely, is when someone who you thought was a friend – even a best friend – suddenly vanishes from your life without leaving a word.

One moment they are just a call or text away and the next, they are spirited away to the otherworld where there is seemingly no network connection (pun intended). So when you say, “I have been ghosted by a friend”, it means that your friend has cut off all communication with you and left you behind with no direction to follow.

What Does Being Ghosted by a Friend Look Like?

So, you think you’ve been ghosted by a friend. But, how do you confirm? Well, for starters, being ghosted by a friend can be the worst kind of plot twist in a buddy TV series. Now, if you feel that your friend ghosted you, look at the subtle signs.

For example, ghosting by a friend starts with a decline in communication. The friend who would talk for hours on end has now gone silent. They hardly talk to you and share the details of their life with you. You text them, but they don’t reply; you give them a call, but they are always unanswered, and the reels you share with them on Instagram are left unseen and unread.

You might hear about their lives and what’s new in their lives through a mutual friend or see their highlights on social media. But when you reach out to them, they are always missing.

The signs of being ghosted by a friend are right there, in front of you. You can also know when a friend ghosted you when they begin canceling plans last-minute without an explanation or give excuses to avoid social gatherings where you’ll be there.

Such actions in a friendship can leave you feeling disheartened and hurt. So what to do when a friend ghosts you?

What to Do When a Friend Ghosts You?

Now that you know what happens when you’re ghosted by a friend, let’s see how you can move on, deal with, and respond when a friend ghosts you;

1.Address What You’re Feeling

When you’re ghosted by a friend, it can bring feelings of disappointment and hurt. Learn to address these feelings. Allow yourself to feel the emotions brought on by the actions of your friend. Grieve the loss if you want, but don’t allow these feelings to linger.

2.Talk it Out (If Possible)

If you can find a comfortable and safe place to talk to your friend, then do that. Have an open conversation with your friend and seek an explanation as to why they keep disappearing on you. Sometimes, they might unintentionally try to distance themselves, so consider their perspective too. Share your feelings without being confrontational about them and seek a reasonable answer.

3.Look For Support

You can also try to look for other ways to receive support when a friend ghosts you. Surround yourself with friends who are there for you. Share your feelings and thoughts with them. Who knows? They might even have some explanation or advice for you to help deal with a friend ghosting you. The idea is to not isolate yourself and cut off communication with everyone else because of one person.

4.Take Care of Yourself

Being ghosted by a friend doesn’t mean that you have the chance to desert yourself! Treat yourself with kindness and take care of yourself. Pamper yourself with a massage, go for a coffee date with yourself, or even buy yourself that cupcake you’ve been eyeing for a while! Even in the middle of a Cold War, take the time to take care of your needs – body, heart, and mind.

5.Let Them Go

Lastly, do what I did when my ex-best friend ghosted me. Let them go. That’s the best piece of advice I have for you. The world is full of people who can be your friends – the non-vanishing kind of friends.

Just because one person hurt and disappointed you doesn’t mean that everyone you meet will. Try to find new friends – join a club or engage in activities that you enjoy. You’ll meet new people who can be your friends. When it comes to the one who deserted you – let them go.

Wrapping Up…

Being ghosted by a friend can hurt, but the hurt doesn’t have to stay forever. You are the hero of your story and your narrative shouldn’t be defined by people who choose to exit the stage before the show even begins. You are an amazing person who deserves to be loved by all, so embrace yourself and your worth, and see how people will flock toward you!

Allow yourself to be confident and let the ones who ghosted you be just that – ghosts to let go. Don’t allow yourself to be a haunted house, you deserve a house full of laughter, love, and respect. Move on, embrace new friendships, and remind yourself that you deserve the best adventures life has to offer.

“Don’t let the ghosts of the past haunt your present and future.”

Exorcize the ghosts of the ones long gone and move forward to a life free of haunting memories.

I hope this blog helped you understand what to do when a friend ghosts you. Let me know how you dealt with a friend who ghosted you in the comments below.

Take Care!

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