Get the Legendary Update for Knight Squad 2 Today

Send the word out to your friends and gather your family because Knight Squad 2 is getting new content today!

Our team at Chainsawesome Games is really proud to bring you the Legendary Update. This content update adds two new game modes, marks the return of two legendary characters, and brings about a lot of small changes.

The first mode to come with the Legendary Update is a returning mode from the original Knight Squad’s Extra Chivalrous DLC, Jail Break. It’s a 4 vs 4 mode in which both teams hold a prison cell. Every opponent you slay reappears in your jail and can only come out if an ally comes to their rescue. The round ends when an entire team is behind bars. Our community was pretty disappointed that this one wasn’t part of the Knight Squad 2 line-up at launch so we made it our priority to squeeze it in the first update.

The second mode is the brand-new Vault Raider. This mode can be played in Free for All, Duos, or Squads and it plays out in two phases. At first, players must scramble around to find the keys hidden in the destructible walls using drills, laser guns or bazooka. When all the keys are discovered, one player or one team must bring them all to the vault, in order to win the match.

To top that off, the ominous black knight Sinister and the ardent teal knight Spike are back at the Knight Club. If you have completed the quest they require inadvertently, you’ll unlock them as soon as you enter the game.

We hope you’ll get the chance to enjoy the new free content in Knight Squad 2 with your favorite gaming partners ( or nemesis ) and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Have an excellent day!

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