How MBTI aids career growth

The Myer Briggs type indicator was the brain baby of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Myers who were pundits at applying scientific methodologies. At its heart MBTI gauges, a person’s personality preference which transfigures into an adept assessment of ones strengths and weaknesses. This naturally prompts explicitness in the realm of career as well because one gets much more self-aware. 

Personality preference just like any other preference in life reflects our proclivity towards a certain trait of personality that we favour over the other, it doesn’t in any sense mean we are not versed with the other traits and their application. MBTI analyses personality preferences in a pair of two namely 

1. Extraversion–Introversion (E–I)- Channelling energy openly to the world on others around (E)or channelling it towards your inner self into your emotions (I)

2. Sensing–Intuition (S–N)- Information convened basis practical and realistic sources like the 5 senses (S)or convened basis connections and possible ideas (N)

3. Thinking–Feeling (T–F)- Making decision basis a logic (T) or making them via virtue of value (F)

4. Judging–Perceiving (J–P)- a structured ordered way of living (J) over a spontaneous emergent kind (P)

This comprehensive schema develops an understanding of oneself that can supplement a better take on challenges of communication, decision making, conflict handling, change or leadership. 

This can circumvent job hopping and help a person narrow down a career path. MBTI in all verity has become a universal easy-to-understand language that vide a positive outlook of all personality types eschews defensiveness and creates a long lasting positive impact. 

MBTI via an in-depth look-in of a person’s personality provides an avenue for self-exploration transfiguring into an opportunity of self-growth. It helps a person understand what similarity he/she possesses with others also synchronously what makes him/her unique. This new gained awareness would then allow the person to apply their strengths in a demonstrative fashion thereby amplifying career success.

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