How to balance study and personal life?

Both study and personal life are important and necessary aspects of an individual’s life. One should know how to manage these aspects for living a fulfilling life. Prioritizing one over another can lead to a decline in academic performance as well as in the health of the individuals.

Organizing plays a key role in balancing academics as well as personal life. 

Tips to balance study and personal life:

Plan and schedule 

Planning gives us clarity of the things that we need to do. It helps us in giving a fair idea of the things that should be prioritized according to their demands. It gives us a detailed notion of what all needs to be done, be it academics or events in our personal life.

Set short term goals

Working on short-term goals is relatively easy than long-term goals. Achieving short-term goals takes less time and reaching the target gives us satisfaction. Hence, we feel motivated.

For eg: I have to prepare for an exam next week, I’ll set short-term goals like ‘complete chapters 1 and 2’ for a day. 

Find time for something you enjoy

Just like academics is important, so is doing something that we enjoy. It is very important to take out time for doing things like painting, dancing, relaxing, napping, and any other thing that gives us happiness. This should not be considered as an option, rather it should be added in the planning as it keeps us going. 

Know your limits

One should know when and where to stop. It is not possible to do everything at once. Sometimes, even after planning there might be a need to cut on to the things, which is completely okay. Rather than challenging oneself to an extent of burnout, it is essential to identify when to take a break.  

Take a break

It is necessary to take a break from academics work and prioritize our well-being. Taking breaks helps in increasing concentration and better focusing on things when we get back to our work.

Look after yourself

Taking care of oneself is very important as it is something that keeps one going. Eating healthy, having a good and sound sleep, exercising helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle is important as it helps in alleviating stress.

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