Jeff Bezos’ Ex-wife MacKenzie Scott Is Going Viral for Using Part of Her Fortune to Help Black Maternal Health

After divorcing Jeff Bezos in 2019, MacKenzie Scott has been showing everyone that you can and should donate to important causes, especially when you have money out of the wazoo. This time, her latest donation is going viral on X, the social media app formerly known as Twitter.

Recently, Scott donated a $2 million grant to the Birthing Beautiful Communities, which is a doula program in Ohio dedicated to Black mothers, babies, and families.

BBC’s President & CEO, Jazmin Long said, via Black Enterprise, “We’re overjoyed and deeply grateful for this transformative gift from MacKenzie Scott’s Yield Giving Open Call. This generous support propels Birthing Beautiful Communities into an exciting new chapter, empowering us to amplify our impact and further our mission of ensuring every mother, baby, and family receives the care and support they deserve.”

Long added, “With this funding, we’re poised to continue transforming maternal health outcomes in Northeast Ohio and beyond, ushering in a future where every birth is a beautiful and healthy experience.”

BBC provides families by helping mothers through the pregnanct, labor, and helping with the first year of the baby’s life.

MacKenzie Scott. Photo by Greg Doherty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

The CDC revealed over 80 percent of maternal mortality deaths are preventable, and after Roe v Wade was overturned, it’s only worsened. The organization found that the group most affected by maternal mortality is Black people, saying “Black women are three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related cause than White women.”

The reason behind this varies, with the biggest issues with lack of quality healthcare, structural racism, and implicit bias, to name a few.

Mackenzie Scott. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images.

Per Kiplinger, after Scott landed a $38 billion settlement from Bezos, it made her the richest woman in the world. As of 2024, she has given away at least $650 million, gifting $1M to $2M to over 360 nonprofit groups. Along with helping maternal mortality rates decrease, she has donated money to arts, education, affordable housing, public health, and more.

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