Have an extensive to-do list that comprises a handful of things from the past to deal with, plus taking care of the things you need to do in the present to secure your future?

Sometimes this list might seem like a lot for us to handle. Too many thought to tackle at the same time can be exhausting. To deal with this most wise humans would say focus on the present. But how? Mindfulness is something that we may choose to practice at these difficult times.

When we feel our mind is wandering more than it should. Mindfulness means being just aware of the situation that is happening in the present without judging or interpreting the event. Sometimes thinking too much about the past or the future or problem-solving can make us feel stressed and sad and in doing so we forget to savor the present. Not trying to sound too idealistic but sometimes focusing on the activity that we are doing at present, without evaluating it can be stress-reducing too.

Benefits of mindfulness included both physical and mental well-being. Physical well-being like improving sleep cycle, improve heart disease, issues related to blood pressure and diabetes etc. It reduces stress, helps gain awareness and insight of the things that we are doing. It also increases your attention, decreases job burnout, improves self-esteem etc.

Some mindfulness techniques are simply being present in the present. This can be done by being aware via all your five sense (i.e. touch, sound, sight, smell and taste). You can practice this in almost everything you do like eating, walking or doing everyday chores. Other techniques involve being aware of your breath. Body scan is another way when you practice mindfulness wherein you are required to lay down or sit in a comfortable position and scan each and every part of your body from top to toe and relaxing it.

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