Now Medicare Covers Talkspace Therapy

Getting older isn’t always easy but there’s one big birthday that Americans look forward to: 65, when they become eligible for Medicare. Knowing that your healthcare is paid for by the government provides peace of mind, since you’re no longer tied to an employer or partner for affordable insurance or forced to pay a whole lot for coverage.

Although most people agree that Medicare is pretty great, sometimes it can be a challenge to find local providers who accept it. That’s especially true in the case of mental health. Although Medicare covers therapy, there’s a well-documented shortage of mental health providers in the US, and an especially acute shortage of therapists who accept Medicare. 

So we’re overjoyed to announce that Talkspace is now in-network with Medicare in certain states. Now people with Medicare coverage can receive online therapy with a Talkspace therapist licensed in their state, which dramatically expands access to high-quality mental health care for people 65 and up. Soon even more Medicare and Medicare Advantage members will have access to licensed therapists as coverage expands through the end of the year.

“Therapy as an older adult can be incredibly beneficial. It provides an opportunity for people in this age group to grow and learn about themselves, to have support around life transitions, to heal from earlier life experiences, and to learn new strategies and skills to better communicate with those they care about.”

Talkspace therapist Jill Daino, LCSW, BC-TMH

The Advantages of Virtual Therapy Through Medicare

Talkspace allows you to access therapy that’s in-network with Medicare quickly and conveniently. Until now if you needed therapy you’d have to search for the name of a good therapist who accepts Medicare, call for an appointment, and, often, be told that the therapist isn’t taking new clients or has a long wait list. Now with Talkspace you can go online, any time, and get matched with a therapist within days—and we’ll bill Medicare directly for your care.

How to Sign Up for Talkspace Therapy with Medicare

Here’s how to get started with Talkspace therapy when you’re covered by Medicare:

From the Talkspace website or app, enter your basic information and your Medicare ID or Medicare Advantage plan details.

If we’re in-network with Medicare in your state, you’ll proceed to answer a few questions about your mental health history, current mood and state of mind, and any symptoms or other things we should know.

Once you complete this brief assessment we’ll assign you a therapist who is licensed in your state, and who we think will be a good fit based on your answers. 

You can schedule virtual appointments with your therapist online. Your appointments will take place through the private and secure Talkspace platform.

If you don’t click with the first therapist you’re assigned it’s super-easy to switch to a new one at no additional cost, and you won’t have to take another assessment.

We’ll bill your Medicare or Medicare Advantage plan directly and the amount you’ll pay will be determined by your specific plan. 

The Benefits of Talkspace Therapy for Medicare Members

At Talkspace, our therapists understand that our older years are not the end of anything. On the contrary, these decades often contain a whole lot of activity and change and deliver many opportunities for personal growth, deep relationships, and experiences you’ve hoped for your whole life. 

The value of a therapeutic relationship

You can use therapy to work through a specific issue or challenge, or simply see it as a way to have support on hand as needed. If you have regular sessions with your Talkspace therapist you’ll develop a trusting relationship, and once that’s established your therapist will be at your side, ready to help guide you through any twists or switchbacks that might be waiting around the corner.

Addressing everyday issues or serious symptoms

This era of life can be your best yet, but can also be a lot to navigate, and it helps to have a professional to talk to about your emotions and experiences. No matter what you’re going through, whether everyday stresses or more serious mental health symptoms, a Talkspace therapist can help. Our providers are licensed therapists (we don’t use coaches), with many years of experience. 

Within our therapy network we have providers with more than 180 areas of expertise, including different mental health conditions and types of therapy. They are experienced in treating conditions including depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder, and can help people navigate challenges such as grief, relationship problems, unhealthy family dynamics, illness, life transitions, and more.

Tools for improving mental fitness and emotional resilience

If you find yourself with more time on your hands, thanks to retirement or fewer family responsibilities, it can be a good chance to reflect on your past and think about what you want your future to look like. A Talkspace therapist can help you make sense of your personal history and develop coping skills and mentally healthy habits to help you savor the present and prepare for the years ahead.

“One of the greatest gifts of therapy is having a safe space that is truly your own to talk openly about your fears, dreams, sadness, hopes, worries, stressors etc all without being concerned about judgment from the other person—this is a rare type of relationship. Therapy allows a safe space not only for you to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings but to receive support and skills to help you cope with the challenges you are facing in your life and celebrate the joys.”

Talkspace therapist Jill Daino, LCSW, BC-TMH

Do you have Medicare insurance coverage? Get started with Talkspace therapy today. For more questions on general Medicare coverage visit the CMS website. 

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