Persuader Personality Type: Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving (ESTP)

Persuader personality includes extraversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving (ESTP). It is one of the 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). ESTPs can also be referred to as persuaders, dynamos, or entrepreneurs as they are action-oriented, outgoing, and dramatic.

Like other extroverts, ESTPs are outgoing and recharge themselves through social connections and acquaintances. They are detail-focused and also keep the big picture in mind which makes them look interested all the time. Can you think of a personality or loved one belonging to the ESTP or persuader personality? If yes, comment down in the below section.

Do you know famous personalities like Donald Trump, Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Kevin Spacey, Meryl Streep, and Helen Mirren identified as ESTP personalities? Do you relate yourself or your loved one as an extraverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving (ESTP)?

Read this blog to know more about the persuader or ESTP personality type from MBTI.

What is the ESTP Personality Type?

ESTP is an extraverted, observant, thinking, and perceiving personality which means they are energetic and funny. They keep on finding opportunities for self-improvement. Such a personality is vibrant, outgoing, competitive, enthusiastic, and self-driven.

ESTPs are logical personalities with better decision-making skills. The best part about them is that they focus on objectivity instead of focusing on personal feelings while making decisions. You’ll always find them improvising themselves as they always keep their options open.

The Making of ESTP Personality

Extraverted: ESTPs are social birds; they gain energy from the external world. Social situations make them charming, funny, and energetic.
Sensing: ESTPs are quick decision-makers; they always look over logical or objective data instead of focusing on their emotions or feelings.
Thinking: ESTPs are highly logical and observant; they use their skills accurately for decision-making.
Perceiving: ESTPs are driven by self-improvement; they bring best results when they are spontaneous and flexible in their own personal space.

Fact Check: ESTP Personality Type

ESTP personality is one of the most common types of personality identified by the MBTI. ESTPs make up about 4-10% of the total population, research shows. Herein, 7.8% are males and 4.7% are females.
ESTP famous personalities: Miley Cyrus, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Mae West, and Angelina Jolie
ESTP makes one of the best partners. ESTP personality is highly compatible with ISTP or ISFJ.
Suitable career options for ESTPs can be sales, marketing, paramedic, technician, and detective.
ESTP Hobbies: Boxing, flying, and race car driving

Characteristics of ESTP Personality

Below listed are some of the main characteristics of an ESTP personality:

Quick and better decision-makers
Decisive thinkers
Practical and logical
Straightforward and rational thinkers
Highly persuasive
Not into excessive planning
Impulsive and risk-taking behaviors

Strengths and Weaknesses of ESTP Personality

Below listed are some of the strengths and weaknesses of an ESTP or persuader personality type:

Strengths of ESTP
Weaknesses of ESTP
●      Funny, logical, and energetic
●      Competitive and dramatic
●      Observant, influential, and persuasive
●      Compulsive and risk-taking behaviors
●      Action and detail-oriented
●      Easily bored
●      Resourceful, gregarious, and adaptable
●      Insensitive
●      Bold and original
●      Fast-talkers

ESTP Personality in Different Areas of Life

1. Relationship

ESTPs are also like other extroverts who gain energy from the outside world. In social settings, you might see them funny, charming, energetic, and friendly. They have strong social and people skills. They are best at influencing people. When it comes to their relationship, you might see them as witty, caring, and charming personalities who can interpret nonverbal communication effectively.

ESTPs love to live in the moment and they get bored easily.  They refrain from making long-term plans, and with this, they can be misunderstood sometimes. They are not able to express what they’re feeling or thinking, people might observe them as insensitive but that’s not the truth!

They just need the right partner to bring the best out of them. They make one of the best partners. ESTP personality is highly compatible with ISTP or ISFJ.

2. Career

ESTPs are energetic and social birds, they like to interact and influence people, however, they strongly dislike monotony of routine, therefore, they might need a job or career-related options that bring the best of their characteristics.

They have strong people skills which is why marketing and sales options are the best career options for ESTPs. They are very resourceful, detail and action-oriented, and quick decision-makers which makes them suitable for other career options like paramedic, entrepreneur, detective, technician, and police officer.

3. Friendship

ESTPs are social birds and they have a big fat friend circle. When it comes to their friendship, they keep on looking for self-improvisation. They work on improving their interaction and communication skills. ESTPs are one of the best friends to have, however, they can be insensitive sometimes. They thirst for new experiences, therefore, if you’re friends with an ESTP personality, keep their excitement levels up!

4. Parenting

ESTPs as parents can be independent and adventure-seekers, therefore, they might need to set healthy expectations and boundaries with kids for fair and consistent disciplinary management. If you’re raising a kid with an ESTP personality, try to keep them busy so they don’t get bored of a monotonous lifestyle.

I hope this blog helps you understand everything you wanted to know about ESTP or persuader personality type from MBTI. Do not forget to share this blog with the people who strike your mind when you think of the persuader personality type.

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