Say Goodbye to Back Pain With These 12 Top-Rated Back Massage Tools

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Back pain comes for all of us at some point, whether it’s from hunching over a computer or phone screen, lifting heavy boxes during a move, or having underlying health issues like arthritis or osteoporosis. And while you probably have an idea of how common back pain is, seeing the numbers for themselves is pretty staggering. In 2020, for example, the World Health Organization reported that low back pain affected 619 million people globally, and in 2019, a National Health Interview Survey found that 39 percent of American adults experienced back pain. The same 2019 survey found that, as well as women and adults over 65, people below the federal poverty level were among those more likely to experience back pain. That makes it all the more important to have cheap, accessible tools on hand to treat it, like back massagers.

Of course, when you think of back massagers, you probably visualize either a masseuse performing an actual massage or a high-tech handheld massager — both of which are amazingly effective, but quite pricey. And while we do have some handheld massagers on the list ahead, there are also many inexpensive tools that can help you find relief – and which are already well loved by reviewers around the world.

Keep reading to check out 12 top-rated back massagers that really work, according to users.

A version of this article was originally published in February 2016.

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