Snag Can’t-Miss Athleisure Deals During Lululemon’s Big Sale — Just in Time for The Holidays

After living in sweatpants and sweatshirts for months, it might be time to refresh your wardrobe. Good quality athletic and athleisure clothing doesn’t come cheap, though. Thankfully, Lululemon is currently having a rare sale — the company’s We Made Too Much sale. Whether you’re a fan of Lulu or just desperately need to swap out some 8-year-old leggings, now is the time to take advantage of these deals, because, if we’re honest, this winter season will be so much more fun if you have comfortable and fashionable new clothes. Lululemon’s sale is perfectly timed for a closet refresh.

Right now, a number of items — ranging from leggings to tank tops — are up to half off. That’s right. Those famous leggings you see everywhere and those crisp short sleeve shirts are much cheaper than they normally are. $100+ athletic wear has been slashed down to the more justifiable $40-60 range. It’s a little steep, but Lululemon has developed a cult following for a reason.

Lululemon’s clothing is great for wearing around the house or running errands. It doesn’t exclusively have to be reserved for your workout classes or routines. The website is also very transparent about the sizes of their models and what each piece of clothing is meant for — like running or yoga, so you won’t accidentally order some low-impact sports bras for your high-impact workout.

We don’t know how long Lululemon’s amazing sale will last, so you better start adding to your cart before these deep discounts disappear. There are also deals on menswear and accessories, like gym bags, crossbody bags, and water bottles.

Wunder Train High-Rise 25″ Leggings

Image: Lululemon.

Looking for some high-quality and heavy-duty exercise leggings? Look no further. This cute capri pair is usually between $98-118, but it’s marked down to $49-79 thanks to Lulu’s sale.

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25


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In Alignment Straight-Strap Light Support Sports Bra

Image: Lululemon

Add this light-support sports bra to your athleisure collection. It features a buttery smooth fabric, so you can stay as comfortable as possible during those restorative yoga classes. It’s usually $68, but you can snag it for $39.

Cropped Tank Top

Image: Lululemon

Treat yourself to a fitted, cropped tank top. It’s built for yoga and designed to give you the support you need with it’s soft, flexible fabric. It’s marked down from $58-68 all the way down to $29-49, so snag it now.

High-rise Leggings

Image: Lululemon.

On the hunt for some high-quality yoga and training leggings? These are ideal for those long days in the gym, with a fabric that ensures you won’t have to deal with friction. They’re nearly $30 cheaper than usual.

Rain Chaser Jacket

Image: Lululemon

Don’t let inclement weather derail your plans for a walk or run. This Rain Chaser Jacket features a relaxed, cropped fit and waterproof fabric. It’s nearly $50 off, and an absolute must-have for the runners out there.

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