Sophia Bush Is Embarrassed With the Fact That Women’s Health Is Still Considered ‘Taboo’

During a recent word association game with Sophia Bush, the actress shared what she thought of when she heard terms such as period, libido, and vagina. And as you’d expect, the results were entertaining. When asked about what comes to mind when she hears the word “period,” Bush responds with “poverty.” Moving along, Bush shares that when she hears perimenopause she thinks of the word “sweating” and when she hears the word “vagina” she simply says, “awesome.”

All of these words are on a block list, meaning a list of words or terms advertisers choose to avoid or “block” from their advertising investments. As a result, content that includes these words is less likely to receive advertiser funding. To support women’s health, we’re asking advertisers to support the Flow Fund and use their money to highlight meaningful content on women’s health and build awareness around these important topics.

“It’s ridiculous,” Bush said when she learned these words were on a block list. “The idea that we act as though your body or hormones, your sex drive, your relationships, your intimacy, your period is somehow taboo. What are we doing? I’m embarrassed for us.”

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