Sophia Bush Shares How She Confronted Her Own Mortality After Her ‘Terrifying’ Health Scare

“I wish my younger self understood food as both medicine and pleasure,” Sophia Bush reflects when asked what she wishes she knew about health earlier. “So much of the culture I grew up in was so toxic for women around food and I hated that, so I think I also didn’t learn about the beauty of food. There’s so much extremism in that space and I think when you get passionate about cooking and feeding your friends, and hosting, suddenly food is a love language, everything changes and you can bring it in from the margins and honestly have a more beautiful life.” She adds, “We have to eat three meals a day, we might as well enjoy it.”

When asked about the moment that made her realize the importance of health, the actress said the thing that really shook her this year was going through a severe viral illness. “It’s pretty terrifying,” she says. “And getting so sick while I was in the midst of this run of my play on the West End — my theatrical debut and having the time of my life — and literally not being able to go back to work…I’m not accustomed to that and it really taught me some lessons about how to take care of myself.”

Bush was, fortunately, able to get healthy, which she noted has been a “wildly confronting journey.” She credits her access to healthcare through a union for her recovery. “When you have to look at your own mortality, and you realize we’re just a bag of bones in a meat suit. What do I know about anything?”

Watch the video above to learn more about Sophia Bush’s health scare and how she finds flow.

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