Summer Shading Is It the Trend You Need to Watch Out for?

This summer, are you looking for a date? Well, then, Summer Shading, the popular dating style, can be considered. But the question is, what is it? What are its signs, and how do you communicate with a partner during summer shading?

This is what we are going to talk about in this post.

If you live where winter lasts for 6 months, you know the importance of cuddling. This is the time of year when people look for a partner to snuggle under the covers while they watch Netflix and enjoy themselves. However, if the partner wants to extend this relationship beyond the season and you want to enjoy the freedom of summer, then what?

This is when the new dating trend, summer shading, comes to play. The latest dating method lets your partner cool down in the shade to enjoy the best of their lives.

What Is Summer Shading?

Summer shading is the term brought to light by the dating app Wingman. It is the practice of putting your romantic relationship, your partner, on the back burner, allowing yourself to have a fun-filled commitment-free summer. You can travel freely, enjoy with friends without thinking about your date, and do whatever you want. Simply put, you let your partner or romantic relationship cool off in the shade.

The idea of summer shading is enjoying freedom and having fun without any romantic attachment during the summer and then returning to their partner after the season ends.

Though the concept sounds fun, most people might consider it a way to take a break and enjoy life. But respecting your partner and their boundaries is important while caring for your interests. Be upfront with your idea of dating, allowing the other person to decide what they want. Clear communication will help keep things healthier and not hurt anyone’s feelings.

Signs of Summer Shading

Summer shading is taking a break from a relationship during the summer. If you think your partner might leave you in the shade, look for the following signs.

The frequency of sending text messages decreases.
Dates are less frequently planned.
More time is spent with friends.
Participating in special events and not asking you to participate.
Taking a weekend trip without you.
Avoiding you more often.
Ghosting you.
Canceling the plans often.
Show themselves to be busy when you want to be with them.
Neglecting you and not involving you with their friends and family.

If you see these signs, your partner might be taking time off from you. But there is no need to get anxious. Talking to your partner is the best way to know what’s happening. You both come to a mutual point where you can decide how you want your relationship to be during the summer season.

How To Deal With the Situation If You Are Being Shaded?

Having a realistic perspective of how to date in the summer is beneficial. Usually, summer is not the time to find a committed relationship. If you are noticing the signs, then don’t expect much. Try to enjoy the moment and be happy.

For example, if your partner cannot commit to specific dates, don’t ask them for it. Don’t be overzealous. Analyze the situation and discuss things. You won’t get anywhere if you keep piling up things or think about everything on your own.

Be as objective as possible. Try to discuss things and see what the other person wants. If they are not looking for a committed relationship, then you know what you have to do. Regardless of what the other person wants, try to know what you want and make decisions based on that.

Communication Is the Key

Communication is the key. If you are unsure of the reason for your pullback or if the other person wishes to see you, be direct. Decide a date when you can both sit down and discuss the situation.

Try to discuss on following things:

What type of relationship do you both want? Is it casual or committed?
Do you want a relationship without strings?
Are you looking for some me time?
Would you like a relationship that isn’t planned during the summer?
Is it a breakup?
Do you want to take some time off?

It’s vital to inform someone before deciding. Also, don’t keep coming and going back if you don’t know what you want. If you are into shading, don’t commit to a long-term relationship.

You can be in or out of a relationship because your presence and absence might hurt others. It might be easy for you to switch, but it might not be the case with another person, so be clear about what you want. Be clear about what you want if you have a relationship during the summer or winter.

How to Handle Shading?

Taking care of yourself includes understanding how to help yourself overcome the rejection, whether for a short or long timeframe.

As questions like:

Do you feel you lacked something important as you experienced a loss?
Are you interested in a short-term relationship?
Is it worth waiting for someone unprepared for a long-term commitment?

In addition to this, don’t see shading as a betrayal. It is indeed a favor the other person is doing. You can now know their intentions and their feelings towards you. This will help you decide whether you want to spend more time and energy on them.

1. Take some time for yourself.

Having me time will have a beneficial effect on you. It can enhance your ability to regulate emotions, reduce stress, and increase your relaxation. So, make the best out of the time you have on your hands. 

2. Vent and discuss your emotions.

Ensure that you spend time with family members and friends who will support you. Look for a mental health specialist if you require one.

3. Enjoy Your Life

Swish around at the beach and nearby pool. Return to your passion for arts and crafts and things you enjoy doing.

4. Have realistic expectations

Always keep expectations that can be fulfilled. Never expect something that will disappoint you later.

5. Take out some time and reflect on your thoughts to be objective.

You never pay attention to what you want when you are too occupied and busy. So to understand what you want this summer season, spend time with yourself and be objective. Do not judge yourself. 

6. Have a conversation with honesty.

Always tell your partner what you expect from them. Even when it is a fling, you should never assume the other person will understand you. Have a conversation where you can express your feeling freely.

If individuals you’re meeting are attempting flings during the summer but you want something more committed, remember that many individuals seek longer-term relationships when the weather becomes more chill.

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