The Importance Of Appreciation in Life (With 9 Ways to Appreciate Someone)

“Appreciating others is like adding colors to the canvas of life, making it a masterpiece of connection and joy.”

To appreciate and to be appreciated is one of the most gratifying things in one’s life, at least I think so. In our busy and self-focused lives, we have forgotten to show our appreciation to the people we love and the little things that make us smile. To be honest, I believe that we take the simple act of appreciating others as a taken-for-granted act. What we fail to realize is that just saying, “I appreciate you” can be more rewarding than we could ever imagine.

We all have this inherent need to be seen and to be appreciated, so when we seek appreciation why do we forget to give appreciation? Showing others how much we appreciate them can not only feel gratifying but can also help build and nurture relationships, foster positivity, and boost overall happiness.

Today, in the act of appreciating others, we’ll be exploring why it is important to appreciate someone in your life and the best ways you can appreciate someone you love.

What Does “Appreciating Someone” Mean?

Appreciating someone is an act that goes beyond mere politeness or gratitude. It’s a sentiment that involves seeing and acknowledging the value, efforts, and contributions a loved one makes in our lives. This simple act of seeing others’ efforts and actions can mean a lot of things – from their loud actions to silent words and from their unwavering support to the quiet presence they exude.

When you appreciate someone, you are conveying that you understand and appreciate their worth and the positive impact they bring into your life.

Appreciating someone can take different forms and manifestations – from genuine and heartfelt compliments to kind and random gestures – all of this can help you express your gratitude and admiration for the person in your life. Appreciation means making the person in your life feel seen, recognized, and valued for who they are and the value they add to your life.

The Importance of Appreciation

There are a lot of benefits that appreciating others can have on your life! In a 2012 study, it was found that employees who were appreciated at their workplace had higher job satisfaction, engagement, and motivation than those who didn’t receive appreciation. Similarly, in a 2014 study, it was found that appreciation towards someone for their support and efforts could build long-term, trusting, and loyal relationships.

Appreciation is the tool that binds people together. Whether we talk about professional or personal relationships, expressing appreciation can deepen connections and bring a sense of respect and trust.

It is important to appreciate what you have and who you have in your life as this sentiment can create a positive and encouraging ambiance that allows you to grow, feel motivated, and contribute to efforts more effectively.

When you appreciate someone for their efforts, you open channels for meaningful and fulfilling conversations. This simple act of appreciation can encourage others to share their thoughts and ideas and feel valued.

On the other hand, when someone feels unappreciated or undervalued, they can feel strong emotions such as resentment, neglect, and discouragement. These negative feelings can often severely impact your health and cause conflicts in relationships, work, and social life.

So, I guess the benefits of appreciation outweigh the demerits, don’t they? No wonder people sing praises whenever they can!

How to Appreciate Someone More in Life?

So, now that you know what appreciation can add to your life, let’s take a look at how you can appreciate someone more in your life;

1. Give Sincere Compliments

One of the best ways I like to show my appreciation to people in my life is through giving them compliments. It’s one of the best and simplest ways to show appreciation to someone in your life. Offer special and heartfelt compliments about their qualities, actions, and efforts. Avoid giving vague praises but try to highlight what you genuinely appreciate about them.

2. Listen to Them

To appreciate someone for their efforts and presence, the thing you can do to show appreciation is simply listening to them. When they talk or share something with you, give them your undivided attention and focus on what they are saying. This act of active listening will show how much you value their words, thoughts, and ideas.

3. Give Handwritten Notes

As a millennial, I appreciate the value of handwritten notes, but a lot of my juniors balk at the idea of writing notes and letters on paper. They’d rather type and print out notes! But there’s a special feeling in writing someone a handwritten note or letter. In this century and age of AI, a handwritten letter is a thoughtful and appreciative gesture. To add more to this, you can send the letter through traditional mail or hand-deliver the letter to the one you want to appreciate.

4. Do Random Acts of Kindness

Just small gestures can make someone feel special and appreciated. Random acts of kindness that cater to your person’s preferences and needs can bring a smile to their (and your) face! It could mean buying them coffee, helping them with their chores, or surprising them with something meaningful. Sometimes small gestures can be enough too.

5. Publicly Acknowledge Them

Now, with this, you might need to be careful. Some people like being appreciated publicly while some may find this uncomfortable. If you choose to publicly acknowledge someone’s efforts, then doing this can be truly gratifying for the one receiving the praise. Whether it’s in a professional meeting, a social setting, or a shout-out post through social media, public acknowledgment can boost their confidence and pride.

6. Spend Quality Time With Them

My favorite language is “quality time” so when someone takes out time from their schedule to spend time with me, I feel appreciated. If your loved one’s love language is quality time as well, then just this way may make them feel special and valued. Engage in activities or hobbies that you both enjoy and make an effort to create memories together.

7. Give Thoughtful Gifts

On the topic of love languages, my love language is “gift giving” so when I want to appreciate someone in my life, I choose meaningful and practical gifts for them to show them how much they mean to me. Gifts, when chosen thoughtfully, can be a wonderful way to appreciate someone. Think about what they like when you’re choosing a gift to show that you’ve put your thought into the gesture.

8. Support Them

Another way to appreciate someone with words and actions is to show your support to them. You can do this by showering them with motivating words or offering them with silent encouragement. If you choose your words to appreciate them, then make sure you keep your sentences positive and highlight their values. It’s about making them feel seen and validated, after all.

9. Show Your Gratitude

Simply saying “Thank you” with meaning and pure intentions can go a long way to show someone how much you care and appreciate them. Sometimes, your loved ones might need big gestures or random acts to feel loved. Sometimes, a simple word of gratitude can be more than enough. The idea here is to express your gratitude to them to tell them or show them how much they mean to you and how you care for them.

Wrapping Up…

Appreciation can be a cornerstone of healthy and meaningful relationships, positivity, and happiness. It’s a simple but powerful way of uplifting someone, strengthening bonds, and adding your part to the betterment of the world – one step (or one appreciating comment) at a time. When you understand the importance of appreciation, you can create a ripple effect of positive growth and life that can touch lives in ways that go beyond simple acts of kindness.

There are myriad ways to appreciate someone for their efforts, kindness, and support. Take a moment of your time today to show your appreciation to people who mean the world to you and see how their smile brightens your day!

So, what makes YOU feel appreciated? What do you like doing for others to show your appreciation? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and family to let them know how grateful you are for them and how much you appreciate their love and support.

Take Care!

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