The Sigma Female and Her Unique Personality Traits

In a society that thrives on personality types and archetypes, there’s one rare and quite interesting personality type that often goes unnoticed: The Sigma Female! While you might be familiar with alpha females and beta females, sigma women possess a set of personality traits that quietly yet distinctly set them apart from others.

The woman who is eclectic yet introverted, a bit warm-hearted yet with a strong set of personality and behavior, and the one who sticks by your side when things get tough is one such woman we can categorize under the Sigma Female tag!

In the socio-sexual hierarchy, Sigmas are somewhere on the same spectrum as Alphas. Sigmas and Alphas might be equal, but Sigmas choose to sit outside the hierarchy by their own choice. The same applies to both males and females.

So, are you excited to figure out where you belong in the socio-sexual hierarchy? Are you a Sigma female, after all?

Let’s check out the signs you are a Sigma female!

Who is a Sigma Female?

The Sigma female is a woman who goes beyond the idea of conventional stereotypes and does not prefer to want to fit into the traditional roles that are assigned to women in society. Unlike the alpha females (who are assertive and outspoken) and beta females (who are supportive and nurturing), sigma females are the ones who are not exactly dominant or controlling nor are they submissive or quiet.

Just like Sigma males, a Sigma female occupies an independent space on the socio-sexual hierarchy and chooses to focus on her self-development and growth.

You can identify a sigma female by these characteristics; she doesn’t mind going against the consensus, she enjoys her solitude, she doesn’t seek validation from others, and doesn’t truly care about following the “norms’ ‘ set by society.

18 Signs Of a Sigma Female

Now that you know who is a Sigma female, here are some of the common traits of a Sigma female that set her apart from everyone else;

1.She is Independent

A sigma female is fiercely independent and prefers to do her own thing rather than follow others. You can’t imagine a sigma female working in a traditional office setting – working under someone – as authority and hierarchy doesn’t truly suit her. She doesn’t mind going out on dates with herself or watching a movie by herself. She is her own person and enjoys her alone time.

2.She Values Meaningful Relationships

Sigma women are also too focused on quality over quantity when it comes to relationships. They don’t need the company of ten or so people to enjoy themselves, but a small group of one or two would suffice if the people they are with share the same values, opinions, beliefs, and principles.

They are also careful of who they bring into their close circle of friends. They value meaningful relationships over superficial ones.

3.She is Smart, But Not Always a Leader

Another trait of a sigma female is that she is smart but not a leader like an alpha female. An alpha thrives in leadership, but a sigma, who can lead, is content with letting the alpha take the lead. Sigma women don’t normally end up as leaders because they prefer making their own path and avoid following the traditional stereotypical and hierarchical structure that alphas follow.

4.She is Intimidating

You can never find a sigma female who is not rebellious, and forthright. She can be a bit intimidating at first, but once you get to know her, you’ll realize that she is far from arrogant and dominant. Sigma females are quite passionate about their ideas and encourage others to follow their dreams as well. Not many people find this kind of approach comfortable, so they term sigma women as intimidating.

5.She Speaks Her Mind

Out of all archetypes, sigma females are the ones who are most outspoken and never shy from speaking their minds. She never minces her words and speaks what she wants to, without being apologetic about it. She’s headstrong and takes her views seriously. She never crumbles in the face of power either as she doesn’t care much about the power dynamics and games others might play.

6.She Is Genuinely Kind

As I said, sigma females are not superficial, not in relationships and not in life. She doesn’t covet what others have, instead, she is content with what she has and happy with it too. She is someone who’d rather be called kind than vain. She always puts kindness over any status others may believe they have and it shows! She always wants others to feel good about themselves and it shows in her encouraging ways as well.

7.She Is a Risk-Taker

Another trait of a sigma female is that she is a risk-taker, and a good one at that too! She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone whether it is her career, relationships, or life. She is strong-minded and doesn’t mind when their risks fail to turn into what she’d expected. She is quick to pick herself up and come back with resilience.

8.She Doesn’t Judge

If you encounter a sigma female, then you’ll know in the ways she doesn’t judge. You can befriend a sigma female and never fear that you’ll be judged for it. She has an exceptional ability to make others feel comfortable in her presence and let them be who they are. They would never judge a person who they meet the first time either. Everyone is equal in their eyes.

They also don’t make assumptions about a person, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have opinions. They just know how to be subtle about it.

9.She is Charismatic, But An Introvert

It’s a unique take on a sigma female trait, but it’s a charm nonetheless. A sigma female is charismatic but also an introvert. Sure, she can speak her mind when needed, but she’s also quite content with being alone and reserved. She attracts attention when she walks into a room and has a magnetic personality, but she’s indifferent to it as well. She would rather stay away from the attention and relish in her own company.

10.She is Assertive

Sigma females are never coy. They are straightforward and assertive. They know what they want and go for it without shame or guilt. They avoid playing manipulative games and mind games like others might and have no patience for small talk. They are always straight to the point and expect others to be the same.

11.She Has a Sense of Humor

Yes, you heard me! Even sigma females, who enjoy their own company, have a great sense of humor. They don’t always need others to laugh with them though. They can easily make a joke to themselves and laugh themselves silly until satisfied. Moreover, they are not mean-spirited so they don’t joke at others’ expense, but they do enjoy intellectual and satirical humor from time to time.

12.She is Compassionate

Just because a sigma female is different from others doesn’t mean she loses compassion. Compassion and kindness are inherent traits of a sigma female. She is compassionate not only to herself but towards others as well. She has strong insights and empathy that allow her to feel others’ emotions and understand how to help them, without others telling them what to do.

13.She is Optimistic

With a sigma woman, there is never a dull moment. She sees everything in an optimistic light. She’s the kind of person who will take the lemons life gives her, make lemonade, and then use the rest of the lemons to help others feel better. She’s selfless and positive. Many people find them quite weird and unconventional, but that’s what makes a sigma female a sigma. She is soulful, practical, and smart – always there to help others in need.

14.She Thinks Deeply

If you are in a sigma woman’s presence, then you’ll find her either buried in a book or too engrossed in a documentary. She’s the kind of woman with whom you can talk about anything – be it philosophical ideas, art, books, or anything random – and she’ll have something to contribute to the conversation. She thinks deeply about everything and says as much too.

If you want to have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone, then a sigma female is your best bet!

15.She Has High EQ

Sigma women are not only intellectually smart but are also emotionally adept. They have high emotional intelligence and are highly empathetic. With their high EQ, they can read people easily and make them feel comfortable to share their words with them as well. They are energetic and active listeners who will always have time to talk to you when you need them or lend a shoulder to cry on if you want. Who wouldn’t want to have her in their corner, right?

16.She’s Brutally Frank

Another unique trait of sigma females is that they are brutally honest with everyone. She doesn’t tell lies and speaks her mind – even if the truth might hurt her or others. She doesn’t believe in sugarcoating things. Sometimes, it’s the trait that makes them the villain and they can learn to tone it down, but in the end, it’s their brutally honest nature that also sets them apart from everyone else.

17.She Is Observant

Sigma females have a keen sense of observation and can be analytical to boot. They can easily understand social dynamics and others’ intentions and motives better than anyone else. This makes others feel intimidated and scared to approach sigma women. She never plays into others’ games and never lets others trample all over her. Her sense of observation is strong and that allows her to be different from others.

18.She is Quietly Confident

Unlike an alpha female’s boldness and loud confidence, a sigma female is quietly confident. This doesn’t mean that she’s quiet, just the opposite. She exudes an understated sort of confidence, meaning that she doesn’t have to shout out her achievements for her (or others) to feel good, but she lets her actions speak for her instead. She draws people to her with her quiet confidence and aura, instead of gaining attention to gain people.

Embracing The Sigma Female Personality

Living in a society where archetypes matter more than personality and character, it has become somewhat important to understand the different personality traits the said archetypes follow. Even then, some personalities are never content with living in these boxes pre-determined by polite society. One such personality type is the sigma female.

Sigma women are never content to be caged or labeled and they resist being confined under such labels. They are intriguing and have a distinct set of personality traits that sets her quite apart from the others on the socio-sexual hierarchy. She’s independent, enigmatic, and analytical among many other traits.

If you identify as a sigma female, then embrace your personality as it’s meant to be. Allow yourself to navigate through this complex society on your own terms. It’s OK to not be able to fit the mold set by others. You are your own person, after all, so embrace your uniqueness and individuality. Your traits are your strengths, so let them carve a path for you in life.

So, are you a Sigma female? Do you resonate with these traits of a sigma female? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay true to who you are and celebrate yourself as you’re meant to! Don’t let anyone tell you where to fit or belong. Make your own way and be proud of who you are and where you choose to stay.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is based on the author’s research and is not meant to be offensive or judgmental. If you have any queries, please connect with us at

Take care!

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