Tori Spelling Once Gifted Dean McDermott a (Homemade!) Sex Toy for Their Anniversary

Tori Spelling is never one to hold back. On an episode of her misSPELLING podcast last week, the Beverly Hills, 90210 star revealed to fans that she’d had her nipples pierced in Napa at age 48, and that she has a piercing in her clitoris (!) too. On this week’s episode, Spelling got even more personal, revealing that she once gave soon-to-be-ex husband Dean McDermott a sex toy as an anniversary gift — and that she’d made it herself (!!).

“I was that girl that took a lot of pride in anniversaries,” Spelling said, adding that she’s a natural “DIYer. I’m a crafter to the core… So I would always make something for Dean on our wedding anniversary, because obviously anyone can buy someone something… but I feel like I always say, homemade equals love.”

Spelling consulted both traditional and modern lists of anniversary themes to decide what to make McDermott, and for the brass gift year, she crafted a “brass cock ring.” It was “really good,” Spelling confided. “I hammered it. Oh my god, I’m so talented. I welded it.”

Like other celebs who have dished about their sex toys, we kind of love how honest Spelling is about her sex life (not that it’s the first time, as you’ll see). And we give her bonus points for taking a moment to de-stigmatize sex toys, which are an awesome addition to anyone’s sex life.

For the uninitiated, a cock ring (also called a penis ring) grips the shaft of the wearer’s penis to provide stimulation, helping it stay hard for longer and experience heightened sensation. Many are actually designed to be worn during intercourse, making this a true toy-for-two — and a pretty solid anniversary present, actually. Spelling is truly raising the bar for homemade, DIY sex toys, which we’d previously assumed was set at like, a cucumber and some lube.

Spelling also opened up about how she made McDermott a two-person wooden bench engraved with the words “Grow old with me,” the actress said. “The bench was for he and I to sit on together, like those photos you see of those old couples still holding hands,” reminisced Spelling, who got emotional at points during the show. “I bought into the love story,” she said.

Spelling also said she crafted McDermott a leather cuff stamped with their anniversary date, and a small tray embedded with pennies from both of their birth years.

The couple, who got married in 2006, have opened up about their sex life before, and even about sex toys specifically. On a 2019 episode of his Daddy Issues podcast, McDermott shared that he owns a fleshlight and spoke out against the stigma around sex toys and sex dolls. “People, I still think, have this negative connotation toward it,” he said, per Us Weekly. “Hey, look, if this is going to make someone happy, and they are not going to take their weird sexual shit out on someone, then that is why I am a fan of the dolls. If you can afford one, go get one. Suppressing your sexuality breathes weirdness.”

Also on the podcast that year, McDermott said the couple had sex “every day,” and Spelling revealed that she’s “an aggressive bottom, and I am very competitive.” McDermott said they’d also tried out CBD lubricant in bed.

Though their sex life seemed active by all accounts, Spelling also talked about the ways their sexual preferences weren’t totally aligned. “He was wanting more sex from me. He wanted more adventurous stuff. I was doing everything he wanted,” she said in a therapy session on their reality show True Tori, while discussing McDermott’s cheating scandal that came to light in 2013. “That’s why, when this happened, it was such a slap in my face.” She continued, “Our sex life was never enough… I wore that guilt all the time thinking he’s going to cheat on me.”

The couple’s relationship lasted 18 years before Spelling filed for divorce in March 2024, citing irreconciliable differences.

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