What Are The Elements Of Mental health? How Do They Boost Our Well-being

The elements of life are all we need to sustain a happy and healthy life. Your health is important to you and the four components of mental health are right there to help you. There are so many ways the elements can improve your mental health.

I find it so fascinating that basic elements of life are always around us. They can be magical in helping us heal. Even science has approved that the components of mental health can have a positive impact on us.

Did you know that the four elements form the base of many traditional therapies which are being used to treat mental health related illnesses? It is so surprising that we are always around these components and most of us aren’t even aware of how beneficial they can be.

Without further adieu, let’s jump right in….

What Are The Four Components of Mental Health?

Now, when I say components of mental health or elements of life, it’s one and the same thing. The elements of life are the components of mental health. These four elements are basically the most important in sustaining a healthy life. They are:


We can’t live without them. What I always fail to understand is why we only talk about them in the context of physical health. Earth, Water, Air & Fire have an equal impact on our mental health as well.

The air we breathe, the water we consume, the food earth gives us and warmth from the fire, all can help us deal with psychological disorders. If not cure, they can all at the least help us maintain good mental hygiene.

How Elements Of Life Can Improve Our Mental Health and Boost Our Well-being?

To set the record straight, I am not implying that the components of mental health should completely replace the current psychological and medical treatment practices.

In the recent past there has been a growing interest in the beneficial facet of elements of life in relation to mental health. Most researchers claim that by incorporating the elements of life in our current practices we can make a great deal of improvement in treatment practices and healing process.

Here’s how the components of mental hygiene can help us heal…

1. Earth

Earth is not just about the food it gives us, a nutrition rich meal is good for our mental health. But earth holds other advantages too, like nature, the more time we spend in nature the better will be our health. Here’s how earth can boost our well-being…

Being around greenery helps in reducing stress
Earth gives us space to exercise, which obviously is good for our overall mental and physical health.
Increases self-esteem
Helps with depression
Reduces negative thoughts

Outdoor activities like yoga, gardening, forest bathing, horticulture, nature exposure, animal therapy etc are perfect examples of how earth can help us with our mental hygiene requirements. We can use earth aid for our healing process.

Did you know spending even 2 hours in nature has been linked to a healthier and happier life?

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2. Air

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about air? Our breath? Breathing exercises are mostly linked with anxiety, panic and stress related issues. Breathwork has various benefits like

Helps in reducing stress
Helps in decreasing the intense symptoms of panic and anxiety related disorders
Helps in relaxing the mind and body
Helps you meditate and practice mindfulness

The way you breathe actually sends a signal to your brain and then the brain decides how you are supposed to feel. Shallow breathing or anxious breathing will not do you any good. Therefore, whenever you feel anxious, stressed or panicky, start focusing on a good breathing exercise.

3. Water

I am a water baby. Water actually takes my stress away. I am not talking about drinking water, of course you should drink enough water but here i am talking about water therapies. Therapies using water are even being used for neonatal care. Other benefits of water are:

Helps in relaxing the body
Reduces the release of cortisol
Works best for insomnia
Reduces stress and anxiety
Helps with depression

Do you know how water helps? Water has electrically charged particles which help in calming our nerves. Those calming signals then travel to the brain and your brain then makes you feel like you are safe, hence the fright and flight mode is deactivated.

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4. Fire

Fire has emotional, mental, physical and spiritual benefits. The therapeutic value of fire has been praised by our ancestors as well. We use it focused meditation, buddhist mindfulness practices, etc.

Reduces the risk of dementia
Helps in dealing with pain
Relaxes the tensed muscles
Increases serotonin (the happy hormone)

Did you know according to a study in evolutionary psychology watching fire burn helped in relaxing the body. There is much evidence that reveals that sauna, heat therapy or light/sun therapy has increased levels of serotonin.

Even the crackling sound of a burning log is so satisfying!

Tips To Maintain Your Mental Hygiene

Now that you know how the elements of life can help you maintain and lead a happy and healthy life, here are a few things you can do to improve your standard of living…

Begin you day with a fresh dose of soothing sunlight
Take some time out to meditate daily
Drink enough water and have a balanced meal
Indulge in some form of exercise regularly
Give yourself a break from this fast paced world
Spend some time in the nature at least once a week
Do things that you love
Express your feelings (to a friend or start journaling) make sure you dont bottle them up

I hope this article helps you understand how important elements of life are for us. All the components of mental hygiene will definitely work in your favour. Do comment and tell me what you do to maintain your mental hygiene?

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe!

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