What’s The Deal With A Love-Hate Relationship?

What does it feel like to be in a love-hate relationship? People with experience say that it’s like a full blown roller-coaster. It’s like a ride you intend to take but are also not wanting to get on. How does someone get into a love-hate relationship?

I don’t think someone purposely gets into a love-hate relationship. I think it’s all about the ups and downs a couple goes through in a relationship and that makes them love and hate the same person at the same time.

People say that you’re excited and exhausted at the same time when you’re in a love-hate relationship. It is also very important to know how to navigate their relationships and all the negativities attached to it.

What Is A Love-Hate Relationship?

A love-hate relation is when you are extremely in love with the person and also think of strangling them is sleep. You can think of it as a tom and jerry kind of love. You can’t stay with each other nor can you live without them.

You love spending time with each other but also are not happy with the way the other chooses to spend that time. You want them to leave you alone but when they do you can’t seem to enjoy that time because you miss them. You will argue with them all the time but you will also be seen protecting them.

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What Can Cause You To Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Someone?

Something has to fuel this kind of relationship. There definitely has to be a reason behind such feelings and a love-hate relationship. Are you curious, just like I am to know about the causes of a love-hate relationship.

One of the reasons can be having a volatile relationship in early life. When people experience tough love or an intense relationship they often find peace in a rough kind of connection. Such people believe that conflict is just a way to express love. The arguments are their way of communication. You learn what you see and perhaps you’ve seen relationships to be volatile.

People with a love-hate relationship find stable relationships boring and to spice things up they feel like conflicts are necessary. They fear that the person might doubt the interest in the relationship and that’s why mixing hate with love can keep you both wired together.

Your past experiences can actually lead you up to having a love-hate relationship. It basically happens because you know it as the only way of being in a relationship.

How To Navigate A Love-Hate Relationship?

It’s important that you navigate your love-hate relationship. It is not in any way a healthy relationship. You have to make amends because it’s not a healthy way of being. You can still be with each other only if you navigate this well.

Here’s how you can do that…

A. Be aware: be aware of your emotions and your partner’s emotions. Getting into a conflict and not getting closure will only tangle you even more in this loop of love-hate relationship.

B. Boundaries: set some boundaries. Figure out what you don’t like about the other person and set some boundaries around them. You should not tolerate things just because you are in a relationship.

C. Decide for yourself: get that control back in your life. Decide what you want for yourself. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to part ways. Live your life on your own terms. Try to push away the negative aspects of your relationship.

D. Ask for help: when you are in a love-hate relationship, you tend to look tithing through a filter, hence it’s almost impossible to find a solution to your problem. Ask for help from your friends and family or even a mental help profession to clear your perception.

Well, that’s the deal with a love-hate relationship! I hope you found this blog interesting and have no more doubts about the love-hate relationships. Do commonet and let me know about your experience of a love-hate relationship, if you’ve ever had one. Do share it with your friends because you never know who needs to navigate their relationship.

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