6 At-Home Massage Tools Physiotherapists Swear By

At-Home Massages

Theres no doubt that, for many of us, the sudden switch to the world of WFH has come with some painespecially the neck, back and shoulder variety. A lot of people are just working from their dining-room tables, sofas or beds, and that poor setup means straining their bodies, overusing certain muscles, and even bringing out old injuries, says Grace Cheung, physiotherapist at Vancouvers Go! Physiotherapy.You could be feeling it even more if youre extra sedentary now, with our usual workout routines and daily commutes thrown out of whack too. Stretching at home is helpful but taking things up a notch with a massage tool can fast-track your results. You can get quicker relief with the help of a tool because it mimics manual therapy release more closely, explains Rebecca Armstrong, physiotherapist and clinic director at Myodetox Cityplace in Toronto. It helps you get deeper into the muscle and promotes blood flow.To help you pick your implement, we turned to the pros for their go-to tools, and their favourite ways to use them. Whether you go for a $10 fix or are game to make an investment, theyre all gentle enough for daily use so you can ditch the soreness sooner.

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